Who We Are

We are small business with a big heart. Our mission is to use fashion to remind others of the infinite, transformative, and redemptive love that changed our lives. We picture a generation marked by love. 
Our social impact model helps us have a greater impact. A portion of every purchase is donated to local and international non-profit organizations and provides work for skilled artisans in Guatemala. We chose to handcraft our bracelets in Guatemla where friends and family call home. The beautiful country of Guatemala has a strong cultural heritage which blends indigenous European, Mayan and Caribbean influences. Surrounding agricultural plains and cities is what defines the culture of Guatemala.
We are dedicated to creating well-designed, high quality products with a positive and inspiring message. We hope every time you wear your bracelets you are reminded to embrace love and sow it everywhere you go. Together, we can make a global impact while making a fashion statement.
Join the movement.